mpasia tarpaulin on wind tower tower
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Premium tarpaulins

For over a decade, MPASIA has led in providing top quality tarpaulin solutions to the wind industry worldwide. We supply directly to major market players and their sub-suppliers, ensuring protection for your valuable assets.

Each of our tarpaulin designs is custom-crafted for the perfect fit, tailored to your needs. Whether your assets need to be transported by land or sea or stored during challenging weather conditions, we’ve got you covered.

Onshore and offshore

Tower Sections

Our expertise lies in crafting customized tarpaulins designed to protect the tower sections of wind turbines from all major manufacturers. Whether it’s for transportation or storage, our tarpaulins ensure that your valuable assets are protected against environmental elements.

mpasia tarpaulin for nacelle
Protection for turbine components


It’s crucial to protect sensitive electrical components in nacelles from dust and water during transport and storage.

Our high-quality tarpaulins provide a reliable shielding, ensuring optimal protection for your valuable assets, whether they’re on the move by land or sea or stored for future use.

Protection of essential parts

Blades & Blade Molds


Rely on our high-quality tarpaulins to shield your wind turbine blades from potential damage and environmental factors during transit or storage. We prioritize the safety and integrity of your assets, providing unparalleled protection without compromising on functionality or quality.

Blade molds:

Our waterproof tarpaulins create an impenetrable barrier against wind, water and dust when your blade molds are not in use. This ensures that your assets remain pristine and ready for action. With our innovative designs, you will experience enduring protection, enabling you to concentrate on your operations with confidence and peace of mind.

mpasia tarpaulins for blade mold section
tarpaulin for wind tower doors
Protection for wind tower doors

Door Frames

It it important to protect every asset of a wind tower and the doorframe is no exception.

Protection of internal components

Switch gear & EQ Boards

Every component of the wind tower is essential and valuable, and therefore deserve the safest solution in order to be protected, both during storage and transportation.

Regardless of size or importance, whether it’s a switch gear box or EQ Board, or any other component; our dedicated team ensures that every customer receives the right solution for their protection.

Protection of rotor housing and stator

Rotor Housing & Stator

With our extended experience in high-quality protection covers, we tailor solutions precisely to each customers specific needs.

Beginning with a thorough understanding of the protection requirements for every asset, our skilled and dedicated team will expertly guide you through the process, ensuring the best possible outcome and a positive experience.

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