Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, mobile or similar in order to be able to recognize it and remember settings. It cannot remember personal information or contain viruses.

The purpose of cookies on our website:

  • Remember your settings for the next time you visit the website.
  • Optimizing your user experience.
  • Traffic measurement and statistics.
  • Advertising targeting.

Further down the page you can read which cookies we use and how long we store your anonymised data.

Social media

Our website contains social media features such as LinkedIn and YouTube, which have their own privacy policies. To be able to watch video content on our website it is necessary to accept marketing cookies.

We encourage you to read their terms and conditions and privacy policy carefully before submitting personal data there.

Traffic Measurement

We use tools such as Hotjar to look at user behavior and actions on the website and Google Analytics to generate statistics on traffic and user behavior in real time. Our website uses cookies from Google Analytics to measure traffic on our website. You can reject cookies from Google Analytics right here:

Delete your cookies

At any time, you can choose to change and withdraw your consent further down the page, or delete or block cookies by following the instructions here.

Be aware that if you delete or block cookies, ads may become less relevant to you and appear more frequently. You may also risk that the website does not function optimally, and that there is content that you cannot access.

How can I control my cookie preferences?

You can always manage your cookie preferences by clicking the “Settings” button and activating or deactivating the cookie categories in the pop-up that corresponds to your preferences.

Should you decide to change your preferences later during your browsing session, you can click on the “dark green icon” at the bottom left of your screen. This will display the consent message again, allowing you to change your preferences or withdraw your consent entirely.

You can also change or withdraw your consent further down on this page by pressing “Change your consent” or “Withdraw your consent“.

Which cookies do we use?