Production tarpaulins
Group MPASIA is a world leading supplier of high quality tarpaulins for various industries such as wind and transportation (trailers). Our production takes place exclusively in China. Here, we are currently building factory no. 2, which will be the world’s largest factory for production of finished tarpaulin products for the global wind turbine industry. Our production is based exclusively on specific customer demands. We have a strong design department and extensive facilities for testing new designs before putting them into production.

Production steel
Our production of steel and other metal parts for various industries such as wind, hydraulics, trailers and fitness equipment also takes place in China. As out tarpaulins, production of steel and other metal parts is based exclusively on specific customer demands and includes design and testing services prior to production. Our steel production facilities have been audited and approved by global companies such as: Siemens, Vestas, REpower, Black & Decker.